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Sebiro no Housekeeper Volume 2

Are you up for more businessmen in action, and some hot and steaming sex?
Then, here you go. :D
Sebiro no Housekeeper Volume 2 (BL) Chapter 4 Extra

It's a sequel of the main story, "Sebiro no Housekeeper," which was released
in the new editon.

7 Seeds

Thanks to Rin Uzuki who went all out to finish the typesetting at lightning speed,
today we have a new chapter of 7 Seeds for you. As always huggles to eue for
editing and luvsanime02 for proofing. :D

7 Seeds Chapter 145

7 Seeds

The waiting is over, the next chapter is ready. :D
Sado really is a scary place~~ °_O

7 Seeds Chapter 144

Also, say hi to our new typesetter, Rin Uzuki, who
jumped on board to help speeding things up a little.

Release Time!

Sorry for the long wait, but things have been really busy these past few weeks.
Plus, it was vacation time. :)

Anyway, today we have a new chapter of Shuuten Unknown for you. Enjoy!
Shuuten Unknown Chapter 10

Sebiro no Housekeeper (BL)

Oh, I so love this side story! So I'm especially happy
that I got to do it now, after so many years. Enjoy!

Sebiro no Housekeeper (BL) Chapter 4

7 Seeds

Just take it. Gotta run! Need to finish my Layla Ashley costume for an upcoming convention. :D

7 Seeds Chapter 143

Sebiro no Housekeeper (BL)

Not my favourite story in the book, but still funny. :P

Sebiro no Housekeeper (BL) Chapter 3

7 Seeds

I know, it's been a while since we last released a chapter of 7 Seeds.
But I needed some funny BL for a change to cheer me up, and, well,
you need to keep the staff (in that case, me) happy. :D

7 Seeds Chapter 142

Edit: Anyone who's already downloaded the chapter, the link was wrong.
So, please download it again. Sorry ^^;

Tiny release!

Actually, I'd wanted to release the chapters of Sebiro in order, but I changed my mind.
This is a two-sided sequel of After 5 PM Wolf Man. ^^

Sebiro no Housekeeper (BL) Chapter 6

More Sebiro.

Thanks to Anon jumping on board to scan Sebiro in high quality,
and Chiki to clean at lightning speeds, today we have for you:

Sebiro no Housekeeper (BL) Chapter 2

Anyone wondering about the movie that's mentioned at the end
of this chapter, "Maurice" is a 1987 British romantic drama film
based on the novel of the same title by E. M. Forster. It stars James Wilby as Maurice,
Hugh Grant as Clive and Rupert Graves as Alec.
Edit: Bought it, watched it, loved it! But now I'll never again be able to look at
"Inspector Lestrade" from "Sherlock" without remembering this movie. ^^

And a short note about all the people requesting membership, sorry folks, I do
appreciate your interest and support, but this community is for staff members only. ^^;
But you can follow our releases by clicking the button "watch this community." ^^


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