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Release Time!

The drama begins in 7 Seeds Chapter 140

7 Seeds: new chapter

This chapter is just what the title indicates. It delivers
several insights as to how everyone is doing all over.
I love it!

7 Seeds Chapter 139

More Shuuten Unknown

I can't help but smile every time I read this chapter. Have fun!
Shuuten Unknown Chapter 8

We're still recruiting. A scanner and a typesetter for both 7 Seeds and Shuuten Unknown.
It you're interested, please leave me a message.

Release: 7 Seeds

In this chapter, there's a lot of Natsu & Semimaru,
and a sneak peek at Tsunomata's inner self.
And, look at his shocked face at page 62. :D Hilarious!

7 Seeds Chapter 138

Edit: There was a typo at page 70. It's fixed now. Thanks, spinning nut, for pointing it out to me. ^^

I'm so late. ^^;

I had plans, but then life happened. I had to have my widsom teeth extracted,
and I've been knocked out for almost a week. *ouch*
Anyway, today we have Shuuten Unknown Chapter 7 for you.

7 Seeds

I love this chapter! Especially the part with Ran, Botan, and Chimaki. :D

7 Seeds Chapter 137

Shuuten Unknown

This manga is hilarious. It always manages to brighten my day. Enjoy!

Shuuten Unknown Chapter 6

7 Seeds

Today we have 7 Seeds Chapter 136, which wraps up volume 26.
It's kind of a cliffhanger, though...

Shuuten Unknown

It's so hot here I'm dying...

Shuuten Unknown Chapter 5

Special thanks go to the folks from Paradise Love Scanlations and Scanbully for their hard work.

7 Seeds Release

I really wouldn't want to be Ran! All alone in the dark... Scary!

7 Seeds Chapter 135


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